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nothing special... nothing incredible and nothing awesomeness... juz 19 years old gurl fom jb that still ungraduated at uitm segamat that involve accidently in accountancy course.. huhuhuhu (regret?? not at all...)juz only have one sister.. (luv u damn much) even we like to argue.. hehehe.. luv both my mama n papa.. know sumthing?? i have a group names WELIMZ GURL since standard 3... luv them all... always there when i need a support.. and now,with me the most crazy fren in segamat that actually who help me in forgetting all my sadness and problem... Thanks to all u guys!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

menyakitkan hati....


kenapa la perempuan sorang ni tak paham bahasa ea?

da cakap cara baik pon masih tak ada kesedaran..

nak kata tak ada perasaan,mustahil...

kenapa masih nak sakitkan hati aku..

ada ke aku kacau hidup kau?

kalau kau perempuan yang ada perasaan dan hati, walaupun sikit,

stop from being so annoying..

kalau cakap perempuan tak tahu malu baru kau sedar agaknya..

bagi lah aku hidup bahagia..

stop ganggu hidup aku...
aku rase mesti muka perempuan tu macam katak ni..